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Director of Education

Position Concept

The position of Director of Education is a demanding and intricate job in that it requires the person in the position to utilize skill and tact in writing and exhibiting extremely versatile communications talents.

The Director of Education must be able to relate well with the student and faculty, with a strong sense of what is beneficial to both. The D.O.E. must be able to manage time wisely, acquire information periodically, compose and submit accurate reports, organize priorities, and be detail oriented.

At the same time, the D.O.E. must stay abreast of the current happening in the educational field, and be adept at passing these to the instructors of the staff.

DOE’s set the academic tone and hire, evaluate, and help improve the skills of teachers and other staff. They also confer with staff to advise, explain, or answer procedural questions. They visit classrooms, observe teaching methods, review instructional objectives, and examine learning materials. They actively work with teachers to develop and maintain high curriculum standards; develop mission statements, and set performance goals and objectives. DOE’s also meet and interact with other administrators, students, parents, and representatives of community organizations and must take an active role to ensure that students meet national, State, and local academic standards. When addressing problems of inadequate resources, they serve as advocates. DOE’s are key players in participating in workshops for teachers and administrators, supervising and working to be sure the school stays prepared for the school year.


The Director of Education should hold a minimum of five years practical experience in the Professional Service Training Fields provided by RWM, have eligibility for BPPVE Director Certification and have at least two years of class room teaching experience.

  • Interview and hire faculty. All positions and salaries must be approved by the Director of the School.
  • Schedule all full and part-time faculties for maximum class loads. Maintain a weekly schedule.
  • Meet with each faculty member individually to discuss teaching schedule, text books, course syllabi, and weekly lesson plans at least monthly.
  • Submit copy of monthly meetings notes to maintain appropriate records for accreditation purposes.
  • Substitute teacher, as may be required by an unexpected teacher absence, illness, or emergency.
  • Teach courses as determined by the School Director.
  • Prepare academic probation and attendance probation list (noting any students who were on probation who may be removed) according to standards set forth in the catalog, and submit to Director for proper distribution.
  • Maintain inventory of all text books and equipment. Prepare purchase orders for adopted textbooks and order all books in sufficient time for books to be delivered at least one week prior to the class start. Follow up on orders to ensure that books do arrive on time.
  • Maintain an inventory of all equipment by classroom.
  • Supervise and coordinate the development of all syllabi and weekly lesson plans to ensure compliance with all regulations, policies, and continuity of instruction.
  • Collect final grades from all faculties and supervise the recording to students’ permanent records’ and preparation of student report cards. Student report cards are to be distributed to all students within three days of the end of the grading period.
  • Maintain a file of all adopted textbook keys and instructor manuals.
  • Notify the placement department and accounting department of upcoming graduates no later than 45 days prior to their last day of scheduled attendance.
  • Establish a personnel file for all faculty and monitor to be sure all files contain the necessary and correct information as required by the accrediting agency, state, or other regulations.
  • Evaluate all new faculty members’ performance during the first week of independent teaching by visiting classes and completing a written evaluation followed with a discussion of the evaluation with the teacher. Evaluation is to be placed in the instructor’s personnel file.
  • Provide all new students with a copy of their class schedule during the new student orientation.
  • Conduct pre-service training for all new faculties and scheduled in-service training for all continuing faculty on proper methods of record‑keeping, such as attendance and grading, new methods of teaching, etc. Maintain records for accreditation agency.
  • Arrange tutorial classes for students who are on academic probation or are having difficulty in a given course.
  • Monitor classroom activities by walking the hallways and observing activities.
  • Provide counseling and approve all students wishing to obtain a leave of absence, including completing the paperwork. Ensure that the Registrar is notified when a student returns from LOA.
  • Perform any other duties as may be specified by the School Director.
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Admissions Director

Position Concept

The Director of Admissions bears the responsibility for enrolling graduates. Under this heading, the Director is responsible for marketing strategy, placement of advertising, the Admissions budget, and is responsible for seeing that the school’s enrollment goals are met.

Required Qualifications
  • Sales and Marketing experience
  • Experience in supervising sales and administrative staff is preferred
  • The prime function of the Admissions Director is to meet the enrollment goals of the school as determined by the Director of the school.
  • Shall supervise the Receptionist Staff.
  • Shall work within the parameters of the advertising budget to allocate the best use of funds in order to obtain the highest number of leads/enrollments for the lowest dollar amount, and to keep the cost of enrollment at a goal to be set by the Director. *The source producing the highest number of leads may not produce the highest number of enrollments and GRADUATES.
  • Shall maintain accurate lead, appointment, enrollment, start records, present detailed reports as required by the school director.
  • Shall assist and supervise new admissions Representatives when a need has been approved by the Director.
  • Shall ensure that there is always someone available to answer lead inquiries. Shall arrange for evening and weekend coverage of lead inquiries.
  • Shall be responsible to see that all enrollment files are completely and correctly.
  • Shall participate in actively in the schools primary objective; vocational placement and general student services and the proper documentation thereof. Including the training of RWM new hires in placement and student service procedures
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Admissions Representative

Our organization is growing and we seek candidates who want to grow with us. We are seeking candidates for the position of Admissions Representative.

We’re looking for a performance minded Admissions Representative. You’ll manage the student experience from the first phone call, respond to inquiries, conduct personal interviews, guide prospective students through the admissions process, answer enrollment questions and ensure a smooth transition into the classroom.

The right candidates will be:

  • strong closers with consistent results in goal achievement
  • enjoy working with prospective students
  • Highly capable of multi-tasking, effective time management skills and proven goal setter/achiever
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • highly disciplined
  • driven to succeed
  • real team players
  • professional
  • Ability to work 1-2 evenings per week
  • Strong closing and follow up skills
  • Previous sales experience in admissions, health club memberships, or personnel placement is preferred
  • Ability to motivate others to action
  • Provide consistent, superior customer service
  • Interview and enroll prospective students
  • Handle multiple types of inquiries
  • Schedule appointments
  • Manage inquiries to achieve prompt contact and performance activity weekly goals; utilize approved recruitment policies/formats; make prompt and effective contact with inquiries and redirect unqualified candidates based upon incompatible career goals
  • Secure new inquiries (Personally Developed Referrals) by directly asking phone and in-person contacts about referrals of others to contact about the Institutes offerings
  • Schedule and conduct interviews, pursue qualified candidates for enrollment, and determine appropriateness of candidates for admission based upon career goal compatibility
  • Achieve enrollment and start rate goals, and conduct all activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Adhere to all state, and federal accreditation and school rules and regulations regarding student recruitment
  • Accurately and completely portray programs, expected outcomes, student services, and financial consideration to students, parents and educators. Accurately forecast projected new students on a periodic basis for the School Director
  • Consistently conduct follow-up monthly at minimum with all applicants to ensure successful matriculation. Assist other personnel and departments with data collection and problem solving
  • Participate in appropriate recruitment and enrollment activities including: open houses, regional presentations, training sessions, orientation programs, career days, etc.
  • Develop detailed sales plan
  • Document and Communicate plan implementation
  • Ability to work independently and as a part of a management team
  • Comply with legal disclosure requirements
  • Work Saturdays as needed
  • Other duties as assigned
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