Fiber Optics

The Fiber Optic Broadband Technician program is offered as a 4 week, 120 hour training program. * Vocational Program. Emphasis is in fiber optics and category 5e, and 6 network cabling systems including telephone and DSL. This intense program consists of theory and extensive hands on lab to cement course work together to prepare the student for certification exams and job market. Successful graduates will qualify as entry level fiber optic cable installers, splicing technicians, data cable technicians, network cable installers, cable assembly manufacturing, and repair, test and inspection of network cabling systems. Graduates will receive an RWM Fiber Optics Certificate of Completion. With a score of 76% or better on their certification examinations, graduates will also receive a Fiber Optic Association (FOA) Certified Fiber Optic Certification (CFOT).