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There are a lot of myths floating around about financial aid. Many students think they won’t qualify for financial help simply because their parents own a home or make a good income. And that’s just not true. You may be eligible for assistance that you were not even aware of or some financial aid rules may have changed.

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Financial Aid is Available for Those Who Qualify

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Many students think they won’t qualify for financial help.

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CERTIFIED TO PARTICIPATE in the FEDERAL Title-IV, Education Funding Assistance Programs

There are many financial aid programs available at the federal level; it’s just a matter of knowing the various programs that are out there. Our knowledgeable financial aid staff will put together the best programs that fit your needs.

You can apply now for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. That is one popular way that many students use to pay for their education. The FAFSA is a standard application to help you determine your eligibility for all types of financial aid programs. This can help show if you qualify for federal aid, state aid, campus-based funds, and college scholarships. Our Student Financial Aid staff is happy to assist you in completing the FAFSA if you wish; or they can answer any questions you might have, and ensure that you’ve completed the FAFSA correctly.

The (FAFSA) application needs to be completed yearly to continue receiving financial help. Financial aid is awarded on the basis of need, regardless of sex, age, race, color, creed, or national origin.

Financial Aid Eligibility

Below we have listed the maximum eligibility amounts of federal student grant and loan funds that are available to students under Title IV of the Higher Education Act to the extent they qualify. All grant and loan program eligibility amounts are awarded on an individual student basis, the amounts vary based on the information provided by each student on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Information regarding each program will be provided by the RWM Financial Aid Office.

Federal Pell Grant (FPELL)  

Maximum award for full time enrollment – $5550.

This federal student grant program is designed to provide assistance to any eligible undergraduate student pursuing post-high school education. Grant amounts may vary from year to year depending upon federal regulations. This program is the foundation for most financial awards.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)  

From $100 to 4000 (subject to respective school’s award allocation).

This federal student grant program is intended to assist undergraduate students who have been determined to have financial need.

The amount of aid disbursed under FSEOG is limited to an annual allocation made to the school by the Department of Education. In determining the amount of FSEOG a student receives, the college first funds students with the greatest need (lowest Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

Stafford Subsidized Loan   

The interest rate on Stafford Loans is 5.05% up to June 30, 2019 for subsidized loans for undergraduate students. The government pays the interest on Subsidized loans while a borrower is enrolled in school at least half time and during certain other periods.

Stafford Unsubsidized Loan   

The interest rate on Unsubsidized loans is fixed. It is currently at 5.05% percent for undergraduate students. Unsubsidized loans interest starts accruing from the time the funds are distributed. Student can chose to either pay it while they are in school or let it accrue and be added to the principal balance of the loan.

PLUS Loans (Parent Loan for Undergraduate student)  

Eligibility up to – Cost of Attendance less other financial aid awarded. Financial Aid may include grants and loans. These different aid types are combines in an “aid package” depending on your eligibility and need. Once it is determined that you are eligible for financial aid, there are several financial aid programs available to students at this college.

PLUS loans are loans parents can obtain to help pay the cost of education of their dependent undergraduate children. A parent can apply for a PLUS loan that does not have any adverse credit history. The maximum PLUS loan amount a parent can borrow is equal to the cost of attendance, as determined by the school, less any other financial aid the student may be receiving.

PLUS loans are unsubsidized; the borrower is responsible for interest during the life of the loan. There is no grace period on PLUS loans.

PLUS loans have a fixed rate of 7.6 percent.

Median Loan Amount

Note: The Median Loan amount for student participation during July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 was $6,700.00* for our Federal Title IV eligible; Communications Technician 100 program.

William D. Ford Federal Direct Student Loans  

These loans are basically the same as the FFEL loans described above. The difference is that the US Department of Education is the lender and will disburse the loan proceeds through your school. You and /or your parents will send all your loan repayments to the Department of Education instead of to a bank or lender.

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